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Co-Creators Agreement

Take Responsibility

I agree to take responsibility for my creations, my reactions, my experience and my relationships.

Co-Creators Handbook

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Co-Creator Handbook

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Community News

We are in exciting times here at Hummingbird with a number of related activities underway. We are revisioning who we are to ourselves and the world and will be announcing this in a number of ways. One will be the introduction of a new web presence to reflect this revisioning as “Hummingbird Center for a Co-Creative World”. This presence has been launched and can be found at Go there and fill out the short form and receive a free copy of the Co-Creator Agreements. You can also find us at Hummingbird Center for a Co-Creative World.

Katharine and Makasha participated in Birth 2012, a world wide event, with Barbara Marx Hubbard from Byron Bay, Australia. Rich hosted two tele-calls titled “Introduction to Living Co-Creation” which are introductions to the a series of tele-courses we are offering in 2013. (You can listen to these calls here). The first 8 week course “Living Co-Creation: Part I” is underway. We will be offering a repeat of that course begining April 17 and continuing through June 5th. Explore detailed information about this exciting course and sign up to join us on this co-creative journey together.These two courses will be followed by “Living Co-Creation Part II”.

Ralph has had a book accepted for publication titled “Awakening Into Perfect Peace” which will be available from our website sometime this year. We have a number of booklets and videos in production which speak to our 16 years as a community, co-creation, and many of the processes we use here at Hummingbird Community.

All in all it is a very exciting time for us. We know you will want to take advantage of many of the offerings coming up. Stay tuned for annoucements of each of these activities.

Community Member Spotlight

Sunny Baba

Sunny Baba

Sunny Baba is an awakened Earth Keeper, visionary, artist, homesteader and spiritual teacher. He is founder and co-creator of three remote self-sufficient communities.

Sunny is a living example of an enlightened man who has fully integrated his Realization of God into a remarkable, yet ordinary, Human Life. He teaches a very simple, direct approach to daily communion with the Living Divine.more...

Garden News

Manna Nectar our garden is being prepared for its winter rest. We had a wonderful and abundant harvest this summer including several new vegetables. Sunny and Sequoias gardens called Eden were so very abundant with a wide range of wonderful vegetables and leafy greens to share with all the community members. The goats have been providing us with all the yogurt, cheeses, and milk we can use. We celebrate lifes abundance as we prepare for the winters rest.

We are in need of additional compost for our garden Manna Nectar. Contact us if you know of a source for these soil enlivening amendments.


I believe in rain, in odd miracles, in the intelligence that allows terns and swallows to find their way across the planet. And I believe that we are capable of creating a remarkable future for humankind. – Paul Hawken

Hummingbird Farming Apprenticeship Program

Are you longing for a simpler way of life, in tune with the rhythms of Nature? Are you hungering to grow your own food, build your own home and learn self-reliance through hands-on experience? Do you dream of participating in a conscious community which values Love as its highest priority? Sunny and Sequoia are offering several apprenticeships for the 2014 growing season at Hummingbird’s Eden in Northern NM beginning in April. Learn More!


Hummingbird Visitors Weekend
Friday through Monday
April 18 – 21, 2014
Cost: $250 includes meals, lodging and program

Join us in deep conversations and lots of fun with Conscious Evolutionaries! Enjoy our beautiful, sacred New Mexico land Easter weekend, while experiencing the many possibilities of what being in community offers.

Friday evening will include dinner, a gathering to share our intentions for the weekend and an opportunity to meet Hummingbird residents and for us to meet and get to know you.

Saturday will be an opportunity to tour our gardens, Dancing Colors and Eden, and our wellness center, WellNest. We will “circle up” throughout the day and evening to co-create conversations of interest to you. Possible topics: co-creation, self responsibility, inspired insights, core groups, permaculture, singing, nature spirits and elementals. Attending each session will be a Hummingbird resident.

Easter Sunday we begin to celebrate the day with a hike to a sacred area on the land, followed by a wonderful brunch!

Sunday afternoon and evening we may follow up with break-out groups, continue or deepen our conversations together and/or take time to rest, relax or “be on your own”.

Monday after breakfast we will gather to share how our weekend went, evaluate the experience, and gather for a completion circle.

Cost for the event is $250.00 This includes program, all meals and double occupancy rooms. If you wish to stay at WellNest, please confirm the details with B J.

Registration, Friday - 1 pm until 4 pm. Orientation, 5 pm.

To register: Email B J Peck expressing your interest. To secure your space, registration and deposit must be received by April 8th. Space is limited.

Send a check for your deposit of $125 per person to Hummingbird Living School, P O Box 547, Mora, NM, 87732. The balance of $125 is due upon arrival.

Hummingbird Community

Nestled in a valley among the Aspens, Cottonwoods, and Ponderosa Pines in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of northern New Mexico, rests a 500 acre ranch that is home to Hummingbird Community.

Hummingbird Community calls to those who desire to serve humanity's collective awakening while realizing their own true nature. We view all of our daily activities exchanges with nature, relationships, and inward focus as a spiritual practice.

As social pioneers, our Community is dedicated to the practices and principles of co-creation in service to the evolution of consciousness. We honor diverse spiritual traditions, and are committed to personal and planetary transformation.

We invite you to take a tour of our website and explore our vision, people, programs, and facilities.

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