DSC01494E•den (ˈid n) n.

  1. the garden of God; the first home to humankind; also called Garden of Eden, the place where Adam and Eve lived before the Fall. Gen. 2:8–24;
  2. a delightful place; a peaceful place
  3. a state of innocence, bliss or ultimate happiness; heaven, paradise, Shangri-la, promised land, nirvana





DSC01488  Hummingbird’s Eden came into being through Sunny and Sequoia’s passion to be a living example of an alternative way of being on the Earth; a simple yet abundant lifestlye, using the rhythms and cycles of Nature as a guide to provide for most of our physical needs.










DSC00994Locally- sourced mud , straw and logs are lovingly fashioned into a cozy hobbit house.  

300+ days per year of brilliant New Mexico sunshine provides ample power and an extended greenhouse growing season. 

Clear, pure water flows via gravity to house and farm.

 Happy, free-range dairy goats and chickens and a beautiful and bountiful garden all serve to enhance the Web of Life here at Hummingbird and ……far beyond.