Eden Greenhouse

We may as well be trying to get mangoes to grow in this  climate as difficult as it is to grow ripe tomatoes at 7600′ elevation! We had lots of green fruits growing the plants outside… but our season just wasn’t hot or long enough for many of them to ripen.



So we thought we’d help Mother Nature a little by creating an enhanced environment especially for those heat-loving peppers and tomatoes.

We took an already excavated southeast facing slope , added some logs, some scrap lumber from the mill, recycled windows and some 2 ply polycarbonate paneling. And bermed the Northwest all halfway up with soil.







The response  from the tomato and pepper plants to this pampered environment was astounding!














Some of the tomato plants grew more than 10 feet tall!








And it gives us a jumpstart on the short season to be able to start out seedlings in flats indoors.

The curtained window opens to the chicken coop. We were hoping that their manure and body heat would help keep the greenhouse temperatures warmer in winter.







A mouthwatering harvest of heirloom colours and flavour!