Friends of Hummingbird

 We have many close relationships with people who don’t live full time at Hummingbird.  Some of these people work actively with us so we have a category called Friends of Hummingbird.

Eileen Workman ~ Friend and Active Partner

After 16 years working as a successful investment adviser in the financial services arena, I underwent a dramatic spiritual awakening that radically shifted the way I experience life. I realized that everything was alive and interconnected; and that whatever we do to elevate any aspect of the unified field of life uplifts us all; while any harm we cause to that field diminishes us all. That realization fundamentally altered the way I was choosing to show up in the world, as well as how I now relate to our planet and every other living thing.

Afterward, from a place of deep questioning about the nature of our financial system and the negative, life-negating behaviors it appears to reward, I abruptly quit my job and dedicated myself to envisioning new systems that can support our evolution by empowering everyone’s inner call to place themselves in loving service to life. My first book to that end, “Sacred Economics: The Currency of Life” was published in September, 2012.

I fell into unconditional love with Hummingbird – and with every single Humming-being! – during my first visit to the community. Since then—while living in California with my dear husband, Dave—I’ve served as a loving partner and friend to Hummingbird, in gratitude for all the sharing, love, support and collective wisdom I’ve been privileged to receive as a result of our deep connection. It gives me great pleasure to support and honor the important work that’s being brought to life in this living laboratory, and to contribute whatever I can to help ensure the success of the Hummingbird Center for a Co-Creative World.