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 “Small islands of coherence in a sea of chaos have the capacity to shift the  entire system to a higher order.  ~ Nobel Laureate Ilya Prigogene


As the manifestation of a long held dream, Hummingbird was founded in 1996 by a core group within Global Family.

Converging from different parts of the country we gathered on a beautiful August 16 day to explore the possibility that we had discovered the landing place for our dream.

Engaging in a form of decision making that we call inspired insights we sat in circle on the earth. Surrounded with the exquisite beauty of the river, mountains and towering pines, we attuned with nature and our internal guidance and opened to our collective knowing.

We were unanimously aligned that we had been called to this bit of paradise in rural New Mexico to bring our shared vision into actuality. As we opened our eyes a Hummingbird flew into our midst, hovered above our circle and buzzed off into the forest. For us it was both an affirmation from the nature spirits and a revealing of the name of our community.

Over these 20 years we have grown to a community of 25, hosted a wide variety of programs, and have begun to established an infrastructure which supports the fulfillment of our purpose.

First photo of Founders on Hummingbird land…

!Founders 1996 first photo