Manna Rose


GROWING your own food in Northern New Mexico, at the elevation of 7600 feet can be a daunting undertaking to say the least. With a 90 day frost free season(if we are lucky), relentless spring winds, less than 15 inches of moisture per year and frequent hailstorms in summer……the challenges are enough to make the most experienced gardener run the other way. But when we combine  Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome design with the ingenuity of a lifelong dedicated gardener and the modern technology of double–wall polycarbonate greenhouse panels  we find ourselves in a whole new realm of possibilities.




Open the door to Manna Rose and step inside to where the growing season never ends. What a blessing it has been for us to realize our dream of being able to grow our own luscious vegetables all the year round!

Our 30 foot greenhouse is a geodesic dome, designed by Utgar Parsons of Growing Spaces in Pagosa Springs , Colorado. It’s a beautiful structure where miracles happen every day.










An ever- bearing lemon tree bends with the weight of her huge crop of fruit; Pomegranate and fig trees bask in their man-made micro-climate; blooming nasturtiums cascade, jasmine perfumes the air and a diversity of edible plants and herbs of varying shades of vibrant green feed the eyes and the palate with their lusciousness.








Turn a handful of soil with a trowel and it comes suddenly alive with squirming, wriggling earthworms interrupted at their work of tilling and fertilizing the earth.

Bees find their first nectar of spring by flying through the open door and in the evenings need to be shown the way back to the hive, lest they get closed in inadvertently for the night.







Flats of tender seedlings fill the loft with promise of the abundant season to come, the  protected conditions just perfect to give them a head start for the outdoor garden.

A chalkboard broadcasts current messages to the garden team about fertilizing with kelp and micro-organism solutions and the best moon days for planting tomatoes and peppers.










plentiful peasThis little oasis of living color, texture, flavor and scent is truly a co-creative work of Love, where we have invited Nature to come inside and play with us!











gorgeous greens

gorgeous greens