Our Culture

We celebrate a unique culture in our community as we incorporate the principles and practices of Co-Creation.

“I believe in rain, in odd miracles, in the intelligence that allows terns and swallows to find their way across the planet. And I believe that we are capable of creating a remarkable future for humankind.” – Paul Hawken

“Co-creation is co-participating consciously with the laws or patterns of the Creator; conscious alignment with the essence of self, others and nature. A conscious co-creator is one who surrenders and aligns their will with the intention of Creation, the universal mind, the designing intelligence, Spirit; one who shares their gifts and actualizes their dreams in synergistic play with other co-creators to bring forth a new world.” The Co-Creator’s Handbook by Katharine Roske and Carolyn Anderson, Hummingbird Community Co-Founders and Stewards.  

The Co-Creators Handbook is foundational to the development of our community.

Co-Creator Agreements

Our culture is also expressed by the manner in which we engage in healing communications with one another, conduct our meetings and make decisions, and support each another in fulfilling our soul purpose. View our Co-creator Agreements.

Support for Who You Are

Hummingbird Community supports each member through cultivating a deep sense of belonging. You are valued for who you are. The Community understands that if you are drawn to this “soul tribe” that you have a unique contribution to make. We nurture you bringing your gifts into full expression. Maintaining balance, rest and well-being are as important as doing and outwardly participating.

The Core Group Process

The Core Group Process (which was developed by Global Family) is a central practice used by our community. A sense of curiosity, humor, respect and openness characterize whole community meetings, team meetings and our decision-making process. Deep listening and loving communication are the foundation for building the safety and trust necessary for our community to function as a collective organism.

Individuality is not lost in this process. There is no “groupthink”. Rather, the individual viewpoint within the whole is cherished. There is a mutual recognition that everyone has shown up for a purpose. The whole is each individual and the complete truth of a situation cannot be fully known until all community members who desire to speak have taken the opportunity to share.

Centered In Heart

Every community gathering begins by centering within. We practice “Attunement Through the Heart” to ourselves, each other, humanity, Earth and the cosmos. We express appreciation and respect for all life. Individual and community intention is consciously aligned with Source. From this place we conduct business and entertain personal concerns.

Maturity and Emotional Responsibility are Required

Effortless awakening within a field of mutual support is our potential. The desire to grow, share and serve is tempered by our wounds, reactivity and defenses. Gentle self-awareness, openness to feedback and the mirror of relationship balances the very human side of community participation. Having a flexible viewpoint and accepting full responsibility for our own emotional position is required. Group activity quickly reflects back to us where we are holding fixation, resistance or negative mind. Hidden aspects of personality naturally surface.

Touching our core wounds and allowing true vulnerability requires great courage. Light and shadow arise independently. When both are equally held, the two dissolve into the deeper light of Presence.

This is what Hummingbird Community is all about—arriving complete at the journey to wholeness right now, as we are, this very moment.

Cultivating a New Culture

In a recent session of our orientation program we engaged in an inspired insight process. The following comments emerged from the group in response to the question “What does it mean to create a new culture such as ours?”

  • To form a new way of living and being together;
  • To create a new set of agreements that empowers spiritual awareness, inner healing, and freedom from judgment;
  • To be true to the new culture that is in our DNA that we brought with us from Spirit;
  • To be willing and able to walk into the unknown;
  • Radical acceptance
  • Love based action and response; inclusiveness
  • Emotional maturity – self directed
  • Synthesis thinking
  • A change in perspective, a thinking and living outside the box according to our collective values;
  • Allowing spirit to show us a way to live that commitment in the face of challenges that arise;
  • Taking a good hard look at the old culture to see what doesn’t work and what does work in order to clarify the new culture;
  • Release old belief systems that are rooted in our conditioning and open to the freshness of what naturally wants to emerge that is rooted in love.
  • To move beyond should and should nots, judgments and projections so that we can create together a culture that reflects our most cherished values.
  • To build a new world based on these values – to experience our values fully integrated into all that we do.
  • To embody the consciousness that we are experiencing through every aspect of life;
  • How do you create a new culture
    • Align the vision
    • Embody vision into form
    • Evolve the forms as needed