Participating Members

Someone may feel called to live at or near Hummingbird, yet not called to fully step into the responsibility for “holding the whole”.  The category of Participating Member allows for this close relationship.

Currently we have 3 people in this pathway of relationship!

Bill Henson

My love affair with Hummingbird began in 2004, after a chance encounter with two of the founders—Katharine and Makasha Roske. After several exploratory trips to initially investigate the community, I joined the Exploring Community program for six months in mid 06 but returned to Boulder later that same year. However, my inner guidance led me back in the fall of 09 and I have been living here ever since and loving it. And, now I am the first ‘Participating Member’ of the community which is one ring of relationship removed from the inner circle of Stewards.

Hummingbird has called to me for a variety of compelling reasons but perhaps the most important is the resonance I feel with its vision and mission to “cultivate a joyful, vibrant, co-creative culture in the service to the evolution of consciousness.” For the people at Hummingbird and me, this constitutes a shared soul purpose. And, personally, the very notion that the meaning of human life on this planet is all about the evolution of consciousness is the corner stone of my world view which I assimilated from the philosophy and Integral Yoga of the great Indian philosopher/yogi Sri Aurobindo—the original exponent of the concept itself.

Living at Hummingbird allows me the opportunity to live out my world view in the context of a supportive spiritual community or ‘sanga’ and engage with other inspired souls on a daily basis who are following their own diverse spiritual paths. And, it also allows me the opportunity to live close to nature and contribute to building a sustainable way of life that supports the goals of conscious evolution. Here I feel very engaged in an extraordinary ‘from-the-ground-up’ effort to model a spiritually conscious, ecologically sustainable way of life that posits an alternative to the current historical paradigm of resource depletion and global consumerism.

To make this happen I am applying all the skills and abilities I’ve honed over the course of my professional, personal and spiritual life. In this regard, my background includes time in the Marine Corps, several college degrees (graduate and undergraduate), a corporate career at FedEx (Employee Communications, Employee Relations, Leadership Training and Development and Government and Regulatory Affairs) and years of other business related consulting experience in the areas of leadership and team effectiveness, organizational assessment, development and re-invention. Additionally, I’ve participated in countless seminars and workshops of a professional, personal and spiritual nature as well as served on the boards of numerous non-profit institutions. Currently, I serve on the Marketing Circle for the Hummingbird Center for a CoCreative World.

Thankfully, my life path has lead me to this conscious evolutionary playground in the remote verdant mountains of northern New Mexico where I can apply the harvest of my life experience to the birth of a new future that better serves the long-term interest of the species and the divine generative intelligence of the Cosmos.

Sunny Baba

DSC04743Sunny Baba is an Earth Keeper, visionary, artist and  homesteader . He is founder and co-creator of three remote self-sufficient communities.

Sunny is a living example of an awakened man who has fully integrated his Realization of God into a remarkable, yet ordinary, Human Life.

He has spent most of his life being a living example of self-reliance, growing his own food, making all the clothes for himself and his family, practicing the old ways of hide-tanning, moccasin-making, gathering daily needs from his surrounding environment, and practicing simple living upon the Earth. He loves to build unique hobbit houses out of natural materials and leaves a wake of beautiful creations in his path wherever he goes.

Sunny came with his beloved, Sequoia, to the beautiful mountains of Northern New Mexico in 2012 to live with Hummingbird Community to contribute his gifts to the co-creative circle of Love.



Sequoia Neumann

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGrowing up in Ontario, Canada, the course of my life took a radical twist at the age of 18 after reading “The Awakening of Intelligence” by J.Krishnamurti. His teachings prompted me to begin questioning all of my assumptions about who I was and the nature of Reality. I left school mid-stream to dive deeply into my search for the Truth.

After three years of living intentionally in the tropics under the open sky with no money or home, allowing the Universe to provide for all of my needs, I came to realize a deep reverence for the natural world as my most profoundly wise teacher. Since then, my life has been largely about learning and deepening my relationships with Nature and my fellow Earth beings through leading youth immersion trips into the magnificent Colorado mountain wilderness; learning and guiding others in the many uses of wild plants; writing and inspiring others about high altitude food-growing and self-sufficiency skills; studying and practicing energetic healing with people and animals; and exploring intentional and unintentional community in its many forms.

I have spent most of the past 30 years growing much of my own food and selling to markets in Hawaii and SW Colorado.  15 years ago, I opened my own homeopathic practice and love being continually awed at the transformative power of this medicinal art to help others heal themselves and reach their highest potential on all levels of their being.

Sunny and I were drawn to Hummingbird by the possibility of sharing the richness of our lives with a spiritually mature community devoted to raising the vibration and consciousness of the planet through the power of Love. These days I enjoy expressing my gratitude for being alive through practicing simple, barefoot living in Nature, growing high-vibrational food to share with others,  artisan cheesemaking, singing, dancing and playing flute with the goats on our walks in the woods.