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kinfire goofiness 2016

May 18th – 21st, 2018

Spring Visitor Work Weekend

We welcome up to 12 visitors to attend each of our Visitor Work Weekends.

A long-time tradition at Hummingbird, visitors new and old come together twice a year to bless the land with your hands and hearts. We gather for potluck meals, fire circles and ceremonies, and engage in four “work parties” to accomplish the various tasks that Hummingbird asks of us:  setting up tipis, beautifying pathways, preparing the campground & more.

Feel free to email info@hummingbirdcommunity.org or contact us at 575.387.6420 if you have any questions at all.

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2016-03 - big circle, Hawk Hill, Mauriora Society

Past 2017 Events

February 14 (Tuesday) – Worldwide  >>> World Sound Healing Day (Hummingbird is co-sponsor) – More Info
May 12-15 (Friday-Monday) – Spring Visitor Work Weekend  >>> Details Here
May 27-31 : Animas Valley Institute’s “Art & Soul” Program
June: Live, play and work in the Hummingbird campground for a month?
July 12-16: Kinfire – A Conscious Family Gathering
July 22-30: RYSE (Rising Youth for Sustainable Earth) Camp with Earth Guardians
August 17-20: Quantum Resonance: Personal and Planetary Healing Sound  with Jonathan & Andi Goldman
August 21;  Solar Eclipse Celebration
September 5
Exploring Co-Creation: A Relational Path to Awakening 
with Living Co-Creation
Katharine & Makasha Roske and Carolyn & Sanford Anderson

September 6-10 (Wednesday-Sunday) in Campground
Co-Creating a New Earth: Essential Practices to Navigate Transformational Times

What happened in 2016…

March 15-17: Mauriora Society Masters Clinic  More Info
May 13-15: Hummingbird Visitor Work Weekend  More Info
May 18-22:  Animas Valley Institute: Soulcraft Intensive animas.org
May 24-26: Waldorf School of Santa Fe Fourth Graders – Eden Farm Experience (private)
June 10-12: Hummingbird Summer Retreat (internal planning retreat in the campground)
July 7-10: Kinfire Festival – A Conscious Family Gathering – More Info
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August 6-7: Honeybees and Biodynamic Apiculture – More Info
August 13-18: Hawk Hill Retreat House reserved for Open Masters – Alt*Div (private)
August 18-21: Celebration of Love / Ceremony (private)
August 26-28: Commitment Ceremony Weekend  (private)
August 29-September 5: KINnection Celebration: Hummingbird’s 20th Anniversary (by invitation)
September 8-11: Deep Immersion in Co-Creation Retreat – More Info
September 18-23: UnLearn-ReLearn Retreat with Dan Newby & Julie Claire – More Info
October 14-17: Hummingbird Visitor Work Weekend MORE INFO