2017 Events

kinfire goofiness 2016May 12-15 (Friday-Monday)  >>> Spring Visitor Work Weekend –  Details and Registration Here [Hummingbird event]

May 27-31 (Saturday-Wednesday) at Campground >>> Animas Valley Institute’s “Art & Soul” Program – Register Here

June in Campground >>> Want to live, play and work in the Hummingbird campground for a month? Email to inquire

July 12-16* (Wednesday-Sunday) at Campground >>> Kinfire Festival – A Conscious Family Campout – Read about 2016 & Join the Facebook Group for Updates on 2017
*option to arrive on the 10th for freeflow family time

August TBD in Campground >>> Summer Seva Weekend & 4th Annual Spirit Tribe CommUnion (by invitation)  – Email to inquire [Hummingbird event]

August 17-20 (Thursday-Sunday) in Campground >>> Sound Healing Immersion with Jonathan & Andi Goldman – Email to inquire

September 5 (Tuesday) >>> Exploring Co-Creation: A Relational Path to Awakening – Email to inquire

September 6-10 (Wednesday-Sunday) in Campground >>> Co-Creating a New Earth: Essential Practices to Navigate Transformational Times – Email to inquire

September 17-22 (Sunday-Friday) in Campground >>> Unlearn Relearn – Email to inquire

October 5-8 (Thursday-Sunday) >>> Holding Light Collective (private)

October 13-16 (Friday-Monday) >>> Fall Visitor Work Weekend – Email to inquire [Hummingbird event]

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2016-03 - big circle, Hawk Hill, Mauriora Society

Past 2017 Events

February 14 (Tuesday) – Worldwide  >>> World Sound Healing Day (Hummingbird is co-sponsor) – More Info

What happened in 2016…

March 15-17: Mauriora Society Masters Clinic  More Info
May 13-15: Hummingbird Visitor Work Weekend  More Info
May 18-22:  Animas Valley Institute: Soulcraft Intensive animas.org
May 24-26: Waldorf School of Santa Fe Fourth Graders – Eden Farm Experience (private)
June 10-12: Hummingbird Summer Retreat (internal planning retreat in the campground)
July 7-10: Kinfire Festival – A Conscious Family Gathering – More Info
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August 6-7: Honeybees and Biodynamic Apiculture – More Info
August 13-18: Hawk Hill Retreat House reserved for Open Masters – Alt*Div (private)
August 18-21: Celebration of Love / Ceremony (private)
August 26-28: Commitment Ceremony Weekend  (private)
August 29-September 5: KINnection Celebration: Hummingbird’s 20th Anniversary (by invitation)
September 8-11: Deep Immersion in Co-Creation Retreat – More Info
September 18-23: UnLearn-ReLearn Retreat with Dan Newby & Julie Claire – More Info
October 14-17: Hummingbird Visitor Work Weekend MORE INFO