Stewards are those of us who “hold the whole” for our community to live and fulfill it’s visions and missions.


Sara Senet ~ Co-Founder

SaraWeb CloseAs part of a Core Group with the founders of Global Family, I was inspired by the calling for an intentional community that was envisioned through 4 of the members of that group. I was moved to find the land for the community knowing that it would be the key factor in shifting the vision from dreaming it into grounding it. When I found the land we purchased in 1996, to my surprise I was the first to move here.

My life has been anchored at Hummingbird since that time and I have no desire to live anywhere else but here. The diversity and purpose of Hummingbird truly create a living laboratory for the evolution of consciousness and have grown me in ways beyond what I imagined. I am deeply grateful to be part of this unique family, supported in my continuing growth and living in this beautiful spot on earth.

My business skills and entrepreneurial drive contribute to our community’s evolution. My current focuses include being one of the leaders of the development of Hummingbird Center for a Co-Creative World and Hummingbird WellNest, our wellness center that I have co-envisioned from the start.


Katharine Roske ~ Co-Founder 


A long held vision came into reality in 1996 when a core group of us within Global Family founded Hummingbird Community. The manifestation of this dream has provided the playground for me to deepen in my life purpose of co-creating a planetary culture that is a living embodiment of our spiritual essence. I play at the core of the community as a steward, social architect, global ambassador, ceremonialist, and active contributor to our newly developed Hummingbird Center for a Co-Creative World. I currently am co-teaching our tele-course, “Living Co-Creation.”

I am co-author with Carolyn Anderson of The Co-Creator’s Handbook: an Experiential Guide for Discovering your Life’s Purpose and Building a Co-Creative Society. This has been a foundational guidebook in the formation of Hummingbird Community and is used throughout the world by pioneers who are collectively birthing a new world.

My fascination with cultural transformation lead initially to receiving my BA in Sociology from the University of Colorado in 1971, and this launched me on a journey as a social pioneer to explore and model a whole systems shift toward a co-creative culture. Together with my beloved husband, Makasha, I have lived deeply into the inquiry: “As our collective consciousness evolves, what are the forms and structures that embody the values and ideals we hold sacred?”

During the past four decades Makasha and I have lived our lives at the evolutionary edge in exploration of this inquiry: pioneering conscious birthing practices; stewarding integral educational models; dreaming in and facilitating numerous international events and link-ups for peace; modeling progressive business concepts in a variety of entrepreneurial ventures; consulting groups and communities around the world; establishing networking convergence centers and cultivating intentional community in both urban and rural settings.

Most recently I have been creatively engaged with Barbara Marx Hubbard in Birth 2012 activities and the Uplift Festival in Byron Bay, Australia and am a Board member of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution.

As an ordained minister I express my love for sacred ceremony by officiating at weddings, memorial services, birthing ways, land blessings and seasonal celebrations. In 1999 I co-founded the Path of Ceremonial Arts for Women, a laboratory of the Divine Feminine where women come together to remember and co-create an authentic expression of women’s spirituality.

As a mother and grandmother of a large tribe, I am devoted to serving the “sun-eyed children of a marvelous dawn.” I live together with my beloved husband of 38 years in our honeymoon cottage by the river.


Makasha Roske ~ Co-Founder

Makasha 2015 OctoberAs co-founder of Hummingbird Community, I serve the community as “Guardian of the Dream”, Social Architect, Meta Designer, Ambassador and core Steward of our healing center, WellNest.  Holding a vision for over 40 years of landing a soul-based community, I am committed to modeling the principles of co-creation (cooperation, synergy and self -organization) in all areas of life leading toward the creation of a regenerative planetary culture.

Through entrepreneurial ventures and non-profit organizations, I have been instrumental in shifting consciousness in the areas of social investing, conscious commerce, health and nutrition, gentle birthing, education for the whole child, conscious media, renewable energy, and sustainable agriculture.

In 1972 I co-founded World Family and have been a principle focalizer for international festivals and link-ups for world peace including World Invocation Day Festivals, the John Lennon Tribute, Harmonic Convergence, Campaign for the Earth, and the Children’s Torch of Hope.  In addition I was a key supporter for the First Earth Run, Live Aid, and Birth 2012.  I work in close relationship with Barbara Marx Hubbard, serving on the Board of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution and continue to develop pathways that illuminate our inter-connectness as a family of Gaia.

As father of 8 children, grandfather of 21 and great-grandfather of 12, I am in service to the next seven generations and the awakening of our humanity.


Carolyn Anderson ~ Co-Founder

Carolyn head shot 2015.12.01

Carolyn is a co-founder and the co-director of Global Family and a founding partner of Hummingbird Community.  Educator, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and social pioneer, Carolyn is committed to the awakening of humanity to its full potential.  Her passion is living and sharing the principles of co-creation and exploring the depths of embodied spirituality.

Since Global Family’s inception in 1986, she has coordinated activities for numerous global events, assisted with the creation and presentation of social cooperation trainings, and facilitated a number of international conferences for adults and youth.

During the Cold War, she brought groups of citizen diplomats to the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to create joint projects and be trained in co-creative practices. After the collapse of communism, she created a program called “Feed a Family” to feed thousands of school children and pensioners in Moscow and St. Petersburg.  She has seeded hundreds of supportive Core Groups internationally to connect people at the heart and activate their creativity.

In addition to co-authoring The Co-Creator’s Handbook 2.0 with Katharine Roske, she has co-authored  Keeping the Promise, A Guide to Your Full Potential Self with Rev. Jerry Farrell and is a contributing author to The Change 4: Insights into Self Empowerment.  She co-created and edited the 52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution and the booklet Birthing a Universal Humanity with Barbara Marx Hubbard.

Carolyn is a partner in Living Co-Creation, a social entrepreneurial venture that offers training, coaching, and consulting in the practices of co-creation. She resides with her husband Sanford in the foothills of northern California. (

John Zwerver  ~ Co-Founder

John-WebOur beloved co-founder John Zwerver passed away on February 27, 2013, at age 70. Born in the Netherlands and a resident of Canada for 40 years, he was a true global citizen. He had an extensive background in planning, organizational development, social policy, disaster planning and response training – both in the U.S and Canada. He worked with communities and organizations in transition and had consulted in different parts of the world. Over the years, he managed a number of large non-profit organizations and associations in Canada, and served as a senior civil servant in the area of Social Policy for the Ontario government.

He was on a number of Boards, including Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Foundation for Conscious Evolution, and was a former Executive Director of the Red Cross for three counties of the U.S. For twenty two years he served as the President and Co-Director of Global Family, along with his wife Carolyn Anderson.

John worked extensively with young people through the creation of international youth leadership training programs in North America, Europe and South America and was a non-governmental agency representative to the United Nations Department of Public Information. In his heart, he was a poet and a priest of the New Order – a true Renaissance man.


David Fischer ~ Co-Founder

Gussies Farewell closeBeing a co-founder of Hummingbird Community could not have happened without the aligned vision and resonant field of love, safety, and trust anchored by our core team. Serving Global Family since 1987 as field team coordinator and currently as a board member, I promote our vision of supporting a shift in consciousness from separation and fear, to unity, love, and cooperation.

Professionally, I am a Board Certified Pedorthist helping people solve their foot, ankle, and related problems by creating well balanced, properly aligned foundations for their body to rest upon. I do this by designing and fabricating medical grade foot orthotics and providing appropriate footwear of all varieties. I love feet and healing soles! I have successfully started up, owned, operated, and sold 3 retail/pedorthic businesses.

I also have a gift of wordsmithing, especially as it pertains to foundational marketing strategies i.e.: company names, tag lines, branding, and 30 second pitches. Thus, it is my pleasure to serve on the Marketing Circle of Hummingbird Center for a CoCreative World.

It takes a community to raise a relationship, as well as dissolve it and birth it anew. Linda, my former spouse, and I are a model of arriving in right relationship with everlasting love and gratitude for one another.


Shekinah (Linda Fischer)

Linda yellow jacketI bring a strong background of business ownership and high level management skills to my personal and professional work. I’ve an eclectic and wide-ranging background in psychology coupled with spiritual studies and practices.

For more than 30 years, I have combined an intense love of learning with a passion for uncovering the deepest most authentic drivers of human motivation and authentic sustainable change. I express this as a Health and Personal Development Coach, working from my home at Hummingbird. My flavor of coaching comes from an ontological (the nature of being) perspective. My formal education and training was from Newfield Network, Boulder, CO. For information regarding coaching, contact me.

In 1998 I moved to Hummingbird from St. Louis, with co-founder David. He was my partner at that time, and is my eternal best friend. When asked how I came to Hummingbird, I say, “Answered Prayer.”

I am in relationship with Mark Courtman, who is one of the friends of the Hummingbird community. Mark and I enjoy loving, growing and expanding our gifts together and offering them out in the world. My partner and I share so much fun and spiritual awareness.

Over the years at Hummingbird, I have greeted guests, told them about the Hummingbird culture, vision and mission, and done a great deal of cooking and facilities management for programs on the land. I also support Vision Quest events at Hummingbird and other summer programs and spiritual ceremonies. Currently, I am editor of the Hummingbird Buzz newsletter; help facilitate “Terra Manna” Synergy Group; serve on the Marketing Circle for the Hummingbird Center for a Co-Creative World (HCCW); and offer my gifts where they are needed. It is fulfilling to bring so much of my business experience and all that I am learning at Newfield to the service of Hummingbird’s Internet educational business.

I am a full-time employee of Newfield Network, a world-wide learning and coaching organization based out of Boulder, CO. At Newfield we support personal growth and professional development. Fortunately, serving our Newfield graduates and potential customers enhances my Hummingbird involvement, and I am able to work by phone and Internet from my home here in the community. About once a month I travel to Boulder or elsewhere for Newfield.

I am a “life adventurer” always expanding my skills, passions, and learning through a personal lens of wonder for all I engage with – personally, professionally, and in community.


Rich Ruster

Rich webI have been a Community Steward of Hummingbird Community since 1998, serving over time in many capacities including Executive Steward and as founding Executive Director and faculty of Hummingbird Living School. My wife, Marie, and I have lived at Hummingbird full time since May of 2003.

In 2013, we launched the Hummingbird Center for a Co-Creative World (HCCW) to expand our capacity to offer what we are learning from living in our laboratory of co-creation to a broader audience by including web and media-based methods. I serve as the focalizer of the Program Circle, developing curriculum, course and product content and serving as a presenter/facilitator of some of our programs. I am also a member of the Organizational Culture Circle of HCCW, supporting the culture of our educational business to evolve and be congruent with our vision, mission and values.

For the last several years, I have been active in our local and regional community, serving on the Mora County Community and Economic Development Committee of the County Commission as well as being a part of Collaborative Visions, a local not-for-profit supporting the revitalization of our local and regional economy with a foundation in agriculture and a sustainable/regenerative way of life.

Previous to my life at Hummingbird, for over 20 years, I have been an educator at the college and graduate level as well as adult lifelong learning in holistic health, wellness and counseling skills; generally how to consciously evolve and transform. I also was a professional counselor and biofeedback practitioner, offering holistic and spiritually oriented psychotherapy and wellness coaching both in private practice and in a holistic Medical Clinic in Boulder, Colorado. I was part of a team that developed Boulder Graduate School (1980-1990), which merged into Naropa University, in 1990, bringing with it what became Naropa’s most successful program, Transpersonal Counseling.

In 2007-08, I served on a team of educators, Ecovillage Design Southwest, which offered a nine month certification program in Ecovillage Design based on the curriculum developed by Gaia Education and the Global Ecovillage Network, which harvests best practices from the ecovillage movement; this curriculum is being offered worldwide by local teams and is endorsed by the United Nations. Our course was based in Albuquerque, and it was the first time it was delivered in the United States. I was the lead teacher for the Economic Dimension.

I have a Ph.D. in Holistic Psychology and Whole System Science. I have authored one book, “The Homing Process: A Unifying Theory of Evolving Systems” (1989). As a part of my and Hummingbird’s continued maturation, I am currently shifting my focus to write more and I expect, with others, to be bringing forth books, CDs and DVDs as well as courses through Hummingbird Center for a Co-Creative World on topics such as co-creation, whole system transformation, Conscious Metamorphosis, synthesis spirituality and the transformation of our economic and monetary systems.


Marie Ruster

Marie web


Rich and I visited Hummingbird in 1997, became Stewards in 1998 and have been living here since 2003.  My professional background is in corporate training and development in high-tech companies. Leaving the corporate world, I became an esthetician in 1996 using holistic, bio-dynamically grown skin care products.  I am currently learning video editing to help with our Living School projects.  My joy is in growing food in our beautiful gardens Manna Rose and Manna Nectar; working and playing with Energy in the form of devas, nature spirits, energy medicine, essential oils, minerals and crystals, therapeutic touch, Psych-K balancing, and many of the other delightful ways Energy presents itself.





Ralph W HuberRalph web

I have been a member of Hummingbird Community since 1999, living part-time at Hummingbird and part-time in Santa Fe. My professional background includes educator, corporate trainer, and management consultant. I am a resource for the development of the Living School curriculum at Hummingbird; in addition, I meet regularly with interns and individuals who are exploring community to support them in their community integration. I have a Ph.D. from New York University’s Department of Communication Arts and Sciences and have served as Board President of Unity Church in Santa Fe. My first book is being published in 2013, Awakening into Perfect Peace.



Michael Elliott

Michael web


I was born in Ohio in July of 1951 in a rural farming community. I have lived most of my adult life in the western United States working in the healthcare industry. I moved to Hummingbird Ranch on February 14, 2005 and began the journey of community life. I am committed to making a difference in the lives of others and am continuing to develop and refine a workshop on “Living Loving Relationships”. I serve in a variety of capacities within the community and enjoy grounding each new phase of our unfolding.






Ami Spanglerwhite couch

Having visited Hummingbird first in May 2005, I arrived to enter the Exploring Community Phase in September 2005. I crossed the threshold to become an Apprentice Steward in December 2006 and as of February 2008, have become a Community Steward . Co-creativity, alchemy, conscious evolution, and open-hearted relationship is what I surrender to. I practice and blossom with this community; with Gaia and Spirit; with an enlivened soul. And so it is – laughter, love, tears, joy and communion. I am a life-long artist, yoga teacher since 1993, and co-creator of the Dancing Colors Arts and Media Center (Sculpture, painting, dance, movement, music, media, and the art therapies.



Robert Griffin

White hat portraitOver the last few years, I have come to recognize more clearly, and to validate, what has been within me all along: a deep passion for experiencing true intimacy and love. From that, the question arises: How can we relate to and share with each other, individually and in community, and to the Earth our home, in ways that acknowledge our intimate connectedness, and that recognize the effect that each of our actions has upon all our relations, moving us toward a growing care, enlivenment, and joy for ourselves, each other, and the planet. In my search for others with whom I could share my passion, I found Hummingbird. There is a deep love field here that supports each to be and to become who we really are, an acceptance that encourages me to come forward, to meet life, to give of myself and receive others even amidst the reality of what happens when evolving characters rub up against each other. I am an Executive Steward of Hummingbird Community as well as the Ranch Manager and provide tech and organizational support for Hummingbird Center for a Co-creative World. I’m also a practitioner in the spiritual community Waking Down in Mutuality and, in fact, I found Hummingbird in 2004 because I wanted to live my everyday life with people who relate in the deep heart holding way of Waking Down in Mutuality, with whom I have been involved since 2002. I’m grateful to be in service to the emergence of a new way of living together, a new template of loving together. I’d love to hear from anyone interested in the work and life of Hummingbird and/or of Waking Down in Mutuality; you can email me.


BJ Peck

BJ pink shirtOver the past 40 years, I have attempted to find or create an Intentional Community. I believe one reason this never happened was because I was meant to come to Hummingbird and 2012 was the time to “show up”!

During the past several decades I became a mother of five, grandmother of ten and great grandmother of seven. Included in my supportive family members are my former husband and his wife and we are planning a family reunion at Hummingbird in the summer of 2013. My background has included teaching high school physical education and coaching varsity tennis; receiving my Masters Degree in Wellness Counseling (Boulder); being a drug and alcohol counselor (CAC III) in Colorado; office manager for a web site company in Denver; and creating and operating a licensed Assisted Living facility in Paonia, Colorado.

Now, here I am at Hummingbird with my life partner of 29 years, Norma Philipps, in the first years of my next exciting life changing adventure. Currently I am the Office Manager for the Hummingbird Center for a CoCreative World, and a member of the Facilities Management Team.

For some time, this quote has inspired me: “I stand ready at any moment to give up everything I already am for the possibility of who I could be”.


Norma Philipps

NormaLife has graced me with an exuberant personality and a profound awareness of my oneness with the divine and with all other beings.

Much of my adult life has been spent living in community and exploring communication as the way to be of service and enhance life-long learning.

Community: I was a member/resident of a religious community for 16 years in the 1960s and 1970s (Sisters of St. Francis); in the 1990s, my Life Partner B J Peck, 5 other people and myself formed a residential community for 3 years and purchased a home together (Tiyospaye); in the late 1990s and early 2000s, a team of four of us studied and planned for a residential intentional community/eco-village that we called Terra Nova Ranch—but sufficient finances and land were not acquired, and we did not manifest the project; and in the early 2000s, I co-created with a coach and a group of 6 people a non-residential community in which we gave and received vigorous and respectful life coaching that produced remarkable results in our lives over a 2-year period (PowerDancers).

Business: B J and I have created and run 2 businesses over a 10-year period. Communication has been the basis for marketing and education in these companies. Now, I am in customer service for the Hummingbird Center for a CoCreative World.

Education: I have been an educator and trainer over a 20-year period. My undergraduate degree is in Education; I have international certification as a Montessori pre-school teacher; my graduate degree is in Adult Learning, Training and Development; and I have a graduate certificate in Non-Profit Management.

Passion: I want to live in a Community House with B J and other families or individuals at Hummingbird; because I am committed to sustainable relationships and economically and ecologically sustainable communities; and because I want to grow in self-responsible communications. My goal is to become an “us” with the Hummingbird Community and with all beings in the world.