Tree of Living

This image represents all of the organs of our living community. Read more about this tree below!

Tree of Living

Description of our Tree of Living Co–Creation Visual


The Hummingbird Center for a Co–Creative World visual supports you in understanding the depth and fullness of what we are being and becoming and how it all interrelates. It will also help you sense how you might consider engaging with, supporting and growing our co–creative work in the world.

The Tree Roots

The roots of Hummingbird Center for a Co–Creative World are Hummingbird Community. Since 1996 our community has been gradually and consciously growing, currently made up of 17 of us living on nearly 500 acres in northern New Mexico as a living garden of co–creation. We are growing as a microcosm and model of the emerging new world. As you will notice, we identify six key aspects of our community as we continue to mature as a conscious co–creative and metamorphic community.

  • A maturing microcosm modeling a new co–creative culture
  • A sustainable and regenerative way of life
  • Health and well–being on all levels
  • Divine Consciousness and soul–purpose embodiment
  • Microcosm of whole system transformation of all aspects of society
  • Leadership on a local, regional and global level

The community members have fully embraced the vision and the profound challenges of this path as they have devoted their lives to bringing forth a new way of life on planet earth. This resulting pathway reveals a living example of a way through our personal and collective transformation. This metamorphosis moves us from an egoic, competitive, fear and anxiety–based reality into a divinely centered, profoundly cooperative and co–creative, trust–based and regenerative way of life.

Without the healthy and solid foundational roots of this on–the–ground community, the tree and its fruits would not be possible.

The Tree Trunk

The trunk is where the roots of Hummingbird Community meet as a unified field and foundation to support the growth of all the branches. Here we combine the consciousness, understanding and skills necessary to support others in the proliferation of co–creative culture. The trunk brings into a synthesis and integration what we have learned so we can offer our contribution to the world.

In this way, the trunk of our tree represents our process of reflecting on, packaging and transmitting the capacity to actualize co–creative, soul purpose driven projects as we prepare to offer ourselves as “elders” and guides on the path.

The Tree Branches

Hummingbird Center for a Co–Creative World offers many ways to empower others to manifest and embody a planetary co–creative culture. As you can see in the visual they include:

  • Offering Hummingbird Living School – our products, programs and services
  • Activating co–creative core groups and their projects, organizations
  • Coaching, consulting and mentoring
  • Supporting our partnership with the Foundation for Conscious Evolution (Barbara Marx Hubbard) and the building and stabilization of HUBS
  • Mentoring emerging co–creative Communities as whole system cells in the emerging social body
  • Strategizing a new society — Camp Eve retreats for leaders in the conscious evolutionary  movement
  • Empowering Youth leaders in many ways, including Earth Guardians
  • Networking and weaving the web of co–creative culture and society
  • Establishing WellNest — our Hummingbird based state of the art, health and wellness center

The Fruit of the Tree

The fruit emerges on this tree as the various projects, organizations, communities and networks we empower and support actualize and fulfill their mission in co–creative ways, which fulfills us as well.

Specific Descriptions of Branches

Expanding Hummingbird Living School

Hummingbird Living School has been offering experiential, land–based, summer programs at Hummingbird since 1998. We have recently refocused our primary effort to reach people via the internet with online and web–based learning opportunities and with products including books, DVDs, CDs, and more. We see this as greatly expanding our effectiveness. We are in the early stage of this transition and have a great opportunity to move beyond our foundational telecourse: Living Co–Creation, to fill out our curriculum.

As a leader in this movement we are developing an in–depth curriculum that truly supports people in preparing for and manifesting the emerging, planetary co–creative culture.

In addition to our new virtual course, we will continue to offer programs on site. These bring people together in catalytic immersion experiences as they are held in the womb of the land.

Camp Eve

We see Hummingbird as a powerful place for leaders of the new co–creative culture to come together and do meta–strategy work for weaving networks and for whole system transformation at larger scales. We have already held prototype events in this vein. In this way we can support teams of leaders to come together in this way in all sectors of society. We find that magic happens when these groups come together in:

  • A retreat setting, rather than urban environment
  • Specifically in the deeply natural and healing womb of the Hummingbird
  • Held in a living model of the new world culture
  • Facilitated by the pioneering leaders of Hummingbird

Many active leaders are busy with their work in the fast paced urban world. They don’t realize until they get here and “drop in”, how much of the vision of a truly transformed world will not be clearly accessed, much less manifested until we step out of the vibrational fast lane. When we combine that shift in consciousness with the opportunity to engage in co–creative exchange with other thought and action leaders, in a space for reflection and visionary collaboration and co–creation, then magic happens. It is this blend of profound and radical vision with deeply pragmatic motivations and co–creative partners that is the recipe for manifesting what is possible and what wants to happen through us. We hold this as one of our purposes that Hummingbird is here to catalyze and empower.

Mentoring Co–Creative Communities

We recognize that Hummingbird is a unique model in the network of intentional communities and ecovillages. The ecovillage became the newest model of intentional community about 30–40 years ago, by focusing on the challenges of living an ecologically, sustainable way of life. Our Hummingbird community model includes living sustainably and adds the ingredients of spirituality, conscious evolution/conscious metamorphosis, whole system transformation and co–creation.

We believe that increasingly large numbers of people will feel the call to a community based way of life. We believe that our fuller spectrum recipe will appeal to many of these people.

We recognize from our experience, and from our connection with the communities movement, that founding and maturing a community is a very challenging enterprise. We know that statistically about 9 out of 10 businesses fail in the first 5–10 years. This fact is also true for intentional communities. We know that because we have made it through that vulnerable high risk period—even as we have developed a new model of intentional community—that we can be a valuable resource to others who are embarking on the path of building co–creative community.

We will increasingly offer our understandings, methods and practical wisdom in mentoring programs that can meet the specific needs of this rapidly growing wave migrating through human metamorphosis. These next wave of explorers are looking for the pioneering way showers and path makers that can support their journey into a whole, co–creative way of life be easier and have higher rates of success and fulfillment.

Empowering Youth Leadership — Earth Guardians

A vital aspect of our mission statement at Hummingbird is to create an inter–generational sanctuary for all who are called here that brings forth their inner wisdom and allows for the flowering of their unique gifts. There are a number of community stewards who are specifically called to serve and empower the younger generations. It is our perception that many who are referred to as indigo, crystal, or rainbow children embody a deep understanding of the world that seeks to be born in our midst. Their intuitive insights and perceptions of reality are frequently misunderstood. These bright souls are often confused as to where and how to give their special gifts and have difficulty finding their place in the dominant culture.

We recognize their unique qualities as vital to these transformative times and are inspired to respond to their needs to be seen, understood, and empowered. Throughout the past 15 years Hummingbird Living School has facilitated a number of programs that serve just this purpose. Working in partnership with the Pachamama Alliance, we helped craft the Wake Up youth version of the Awakening the Dreamer program and trained over 40 young people in co–creative leadership skills. A core group emerged from this initiative who lived together at Hummingbird for almost a year, during which time these ambitious young people designed a program called “Bus the Change”. The purpose of this program was to take their awakened awareness and skills on the road. A group of 5 brought this dream into reality as they traveled throughout California educating young people to the state of the planet and empowering them to take positive action.

In 2004 we co–created an International Youth Leadership Camp in conjunction with Earth Guardians. Young people from Mexico, India, New Zealand and the US came together in a rich cultural exchange as they learned co–creative skills and bonded as family. Makasha and Katharine Roske, two of the founding members of Hummingbird, were also co–founders of Earth Guardians together with their daughter, Tamara. Launched in 1993 in Hawaii, EG is currently based in Boulder, Colorado and is a maturing youth activist organization spearheaded by Tamara’s 12 year old son, Xuihtezcatl Martinez. Hummingbird intends to provide more programs in the future serving as a rural campus for these young spiritual activists.

In addition to these initiatives , Hummingbird Living School has empowered young adults through providing programs in Permaculture Design Certification, Non–Violent Communication, and Co–creative Community Building. Together with visiting faculty we have offered Vision Quests and Rites of Passage experiences. We are strongly committed to the empowerment of young co–creative leaders as we work in partnership to birth a new world together!

WellNest Healing Center

A deep and nurturing healing center has been part of our Hummingbird vision since the founding of Hummingbird Community. Over the years, steps have been taken to build relationship with profound healers and identify and obtain cutting edge healing technologies.

We have the opportunity to locate the center in a beautiful home, called Hawk Hill, which already carries the energy of a temple and healing location. The home, which is graced with spectacularly inspiring views, is especially inviting and nurturing.

The technologies of WellNest will include quantum energy, cellular transformation, sound, light, water, as well as biological support and protocols from the healers at WellNest.

Clients will include those coming to simply relax, experience a silent retreat, detox, or engage in a specific treatment for a challenging disease. As an integral part of Hummingbird, clients will have an opportunity to attend events and educational offerings put on by Hummingbird Center for a Co–Creative World, Hummingbird Living School and Hummingbird Community.

Clients will experience an honoring and safe environment, nourishing and healthy food grown locally/regionally, and eventually from the Hummingbird land, and be supported to shift old patterns that no longer serve them.

We are currently inviting investors into the next phase of our business development. Which includes a need for funding to secure the Hawk Hill location.

Funding Support

How you can support the Roots

By supporting the community’s maintenance and growth needs you nurture the existing garden to continue to mature and flourish. Some of the essential processes you can support include meeting our general operating expenses, as we continue to mature into a self–supporting economic model. This support will support foundational work such as,

  • Continuing to improve the quality of our soil, as well as our food growing and processing capacity
  • Payments on our land and infrastructure, i.e. Ease and Grace Houses
  • Building housing to support the growth of our population
  • Building a community center
  • Basic living income for those who would love to be a part of the community if they could be free to invest their time and life energy in the projects and daily life that matures our living model.

How you can support the Trunk

Supporting the trunk supports our ability to convert our community work into offerings in the world through research and development, and curriculum, program and product development. It is the zone between simply carrying out the daily life of community and offering ourselves as a resource for the world; unseen but vital for the branches to grow.

How you can Support the Branches

You support the branches by supporting the whole, here is the budget.