Our Vision

Hummingbird Community is a family of pioneering souls whose vision is to cultivate a joyful, vibrant, co-creative culture in service to the evolution of consciousness.

Our Essence

At our core we are cultivating a resonant field of safety, trust, playfulness, appreciation and love that nurtures our spiritual growth and empowers the fulfillment of our soul’s purpose. All of our activities emerge from this foundation.

Our Mission

As a living laboratory of co-creation, our mission is threefold:

  • To model a synthesis culture that embodies our divine nature, expresses our core values, honors the sacredness of all life and cares for the earth on behalf of ourselves and generations to come.
  • To provide and host educational programs, conferences and retreat experiences that support conscious evolution, loving relationships, regenerative living, new economics, health and well being.
  • To create an inter-generational sanctuary for all who are called here that brings forth their inner wisdom and allows for the flowering of their unique gifts.

Our Mythos

Once upon a time in the era of the Great Turning, there lived a courageous band of pioneers who heard the mythic call of a long forgotten dream. At this most auspicious time upon our Mother Gaia, a great quickening was igniting the fire of spirit in millions of souls in towns and villages throughout the world.   Everywhere individuals were responding to a cry in their hearts to take the inward journey to ”know thyself”.  The biggest social movement in the history of humanity was serving as a uniting force of transformation in all sectors of society.

Responding to the inner call and recognizing their unique part in the larger pattern, these emissaries of the new dream were impassioned to create an island of coherence; a model of hope and possibility.

Picture151Listening to their inner guidance, they began to explore many inquiries: “What does it mean to live in harmony with nature?”  “How do we cultivate relationships that are authentic, empowering, and deeply honoring of one another?”  How could we be most effective in serving the earth at this critical time of planetary transformation?”

As social architects, they desired to model whole system transformation and demonstrate how consciousness might take expression in every sector of society be it governance, education, economics, or health care. They were compelled to create an intergenerational sanctuary where every individual is honored as a divine being with unique gifts to share. They were especially committed to support young people, believing in their inherent wisdom and capacities toward the creation of a healed and transformed world.

Meadow Mountain Green

Connected at the heart, this core group within Global Family had valuable experience with the principles and practices of co-creation.  They knew how to cultivate a resonant field of love…a garden in which to nurture the values and virtues they held sacred: trust, respect, generosity, gratitude, integrity and compassion. Resting in a deep trust and faith, they invited spirit to guide the way as they embarked on a great adventure into uncharted territory.

As time came to pass (as time is known to do) other pioneering souls showed up on this playground at the evolutionary edge. Programs flourished and many experienced rejuvenation and transformation through the powerful healing qualities of the land in unison with the love field cultivated by the community. A number of individuals who recognized their place in the pattern, helped stabilize the field and made Hummingbird their home.

And so it was through the grace of following this mythic call for the past 11 years that the seed for a new world has taken sprout.  Nestled in the forest of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of northern New Mexico, Hummingbird Community thrives as a living laboratory for co-creation, conscious evolution and ecological sustainability.

Group hug.big campgroundFeeling into what is becoming, we experience more and more players showing up on this playground, choosing to contribute toward the fulfillment of this vision. Those aligning in high telepathy, synergy and synchronicity are co-creating a sanctuary… a sacred environment present in mutuality for all who resonant with this dream. Guided to join the Circle of 22 or become Friends of Hummingbird, many are contributing thus broadening the financial base and nurturing this seed that carries the mythic resonance of Shambala.

Peering into the looking glass of the future, we see Hummingbird Living School flourishing as young people work in partnership with adults, bringing their fresh creative impulses to wed with the experience and expertise of their elders.  Gardens are abundant, the MediaCenter is prolific, the Art Center is vibrant, and the HealingCenter is fully launched.

As active participants in a global movement for a just and sustainable world, members of Hummingbird Community together with their extensive network of supporters, have stewarded a living model for a new world into vibrant, joyful, manifestation!

Won’t you join us on this great adventure!!!

If our beingness connects in mutuality come join us ~

As we connect with each other and this inspires you ~

This cauldron is opening to the highest expression of what it can be in the world and by doing so creates an opportunity for others to do the same.