Hummingbird WellNest Services

crystal grid treatment roomWellNest utilizes innovative practices in the field of vibrational energy medicine, offering a variety of practitioner services and holistic technologies to support your harmonic wellbeing. 

We have practitioners available for individual onsite appointments and phone consultations (practitioner specific) to offer flexibility for your time and location.

Consider turning your session into a personal retreat and stay overnight either in one of the guest rooms here at Hawk Hill or nearby at Ease Guest House.

Contact us to plan your personal retreat.


List of Services

    • Aromatherapy
    • Cell Regeneration
    • Crystal Therapy
    • Energy Clearing / Balancing
    • Homeopathics
    • Life Coaching
    • Lymph Cleansing
    • Massage
    • Pedorthics
    • Reiki


Divine Blueprint Alignment

Tanya Kwan 11.2015

Tanya Kwan

Tanya was initiated in the dreamtime to a sacred vibrational language of the ancestors that awakens a cellular remembering and alignment with one’s divine blueprint.  Through the vibration of this sacred seed language, you rest in the Galactic Womb surrounded by the love of the Cosmic Mother. This is a place of total neutrality, the point of creation, where anything not of the divine blueprint can be released with ease and grace. Deep alchemy occurs and you start to create from a place of divinity and wholeness, not from shadow and duality. This is what the dolphins and whales teach us – how to live in a whole brain, unified state of being.

Over the past 15 years, Tanya has studied with renowned sound healers, received her Reiki Master level certification, graduated from Healing Spirits Massage School in Boulder, studied cranial sacral therapy, and swam with the wild dolphins every day for 3 weeks. A session combines chanting of the seed language, massage, essential oils, energy modalities, and transmissions from the dolphins of a unified way of being.

Rates: $120 per session (approximately 80 minutes)

“Tanya’s work is deep and connected to both here and the universe at large. There is safety and deep kindness. And, then, it feels as if you melt away and are connected through Tanya to Everything That Is. Afterward I knew I had been somewhere; been given some lessons. These were messages for my path, very specific to my journey and my soul. They had a depth of wisdom that seemed ageless and expansive.” Christina R.


Empowered Living Sessions

Ellowan Weisbeck

Ellowan Weisbeck

Ellowan utilizes a myriad of modalities and techniques and weaves them together to support the individual exactly where they are on their healing journey.

Sessions may include: Intuitive guidance/coaching, Emotional release/childhood trauma & wounding, Karmic cord cutting, Soul retrieval, Inner child work, Core belief work, Sound healing/language of light, Activations, Essential oils/suggestions

We show up together and the rest is revealed in the moment…

Rates: normally $120.00 per hour. Special offer $90.00 per hour

“I have had the opportunity to work with Allison over the last several months and I am deeply grateful.  Our sessions have included Intuitive messaging, energy work and coaching.  She is very insightful, kind, caring, compassionate and patient.  I experience our sessions as very sacred and healing.  Allison has supported me in ways that have continued to help me heal myself and transform my life.  I am so grateful to receive these services from such an intuitive and gifted professional.  I always look forward to the next session.  It is apparent that she is committed to helping others shift one’s own consciousness and the collective consciousness of the Planet.”   Judy


Lymph Release

Margo Covington

Margo Covington

Could it really be that MY scary, painful, expensive symptoms can be relieved by Margo’s Body Cleanse Lymph Release Method?  YES!  It can be ‘as easy as lymph!’  Results you can see and feel in even one session.

Using wands that provide gentle, high frequency, extremely low energy, physical vibration with acoustic waves, electro-static field and electro-pressure all aimed directly at the lymphatic fluids in the body, this method easily, effectivelybreaks up lymphatic congestion allowing it to naturally leave the body.   Each session is equivalent to eight to ten manual lymphatic drainage sessions.

The use of the machine results in the breaking up of blockages through breaking apart the congested molecules throughout the body – causing the erosion of the materials and the safe flowing of the lymph fluid through the natural channels – to be expelled from the body.  

Rates:   $50 for a 15 minute session, $100 for 45 minutes, $125 for 60 minutes and $150 for 90 minutes

“I have had chronic lower back/pelvic pain for 13 years that is now 95% resolved after only one session of lymphatic release work with Margo.  Very powerful work and the rest of my body is eagerly awaiting the same results!  Thank you Margo! ”    Susan Kalen LMT



Manuela Maeder

Manuela  Maeder

Manuela graduated from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Offering massages for over 23 years, Manuella  has a compassionate, intuitive touch, and custom tailors each massage to her clients’ unique needs and desires.  She   uses a combination of therapeutic, nurturing, and relaxing techniques, fostering healing, well-being, and stress relief in every massage. Manuela is trained in Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal massage, shiatsu, reflexology, oncology massage, energy balancing, Thai Massage and other healing modalities.

Rates:  $80 for an hour or $110 for an hour and a half

“I find Manuela to be one of the best massage therapists I’ve experienced.  She is able to customize a session to fit exactly what is going on with my body at the time, and she’s helped me release some tight and painful spots.  Also, she creates a very relaxing and spacious experience that nurtures me deeply. I’ve tried her Thai massage and it’s amazing how that stretched my body in new ways.  Her knowledge and skill is vast!!”   Sara Senet

Please contact us as soon as possible if you want to book a massage during your program at Hummingbird.  Manuela’s availability is limited. Depending on the program you are here for we may have an alternate massage therapist available.

Ontological Coaching

Shekinah 2015.11.15 - 33 photo“Shekinah” Linda L. Fischer

Evolutionary Business, Health and Personal Development Coach

Expand the observer that you are – the way you “see, move and act” in the world – and you will have a greater number of choices for action and possibilities as you aim for new results in your personal and professional life through ontological coaching.

The simple definition of Ontological Coaching refers to the study of being. Thee mphasis in a coaching relationship is on action and accountability. Coaching is less concerned with a client’s remedial work (healing old wounds) and focused on encouraging clients to initiate a present space filled with affective momentum and create goals that are within ones reach. The intention for coaching is to develop a client’s present and future life, through new observations that support possibilities for effective actions.  A powerful observer of self leads to exciting new possibilities.


Pedorthics Specialist

David Fischer

David Fischer

David is our pedorthics specialist (Board Certified for over 33 years) – an expert in the foot, shoe and orthotic relationship to lower extremity alignment and function.  He is a leader in modern foot orthotic design as therapy for foot and foot related (ankles, knees, hip and back) problems.

His specialties range from common foot ailments (plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, neuroma’s), sports/hiking orthotics, diabetic ulcer prevention and treatment, arthritic conditions and knee problems.  He loves to educate his clients during their in-depth biomechanical exam of foot/ankle/gait as well as inform them what specifically to look for in shoes, what simple modifications can be done to their current footgear, and the best unknown brands for all purposes of their lifestyle.  One can be assured they will learn many things they never knew that will affect the quality of their life.  If you have any questions or concerns about your feet and foot function and how it might be affecting your overall health and wellness, David will be passionately present for you.  His motto is….”Comfort for your Sole/Soul, is our Goal”!

A typical appointment consists of listening to clients problem, history including any related surgeries and treatments, non-weight bearing foot and ankle exam, weight bearing foot exam, gait exam, leg length exam, current footwear and insert exam, foot measurements and recommended treatment plan including specifics for custom orthotics, over the counter orthotics and shoe suggestions for all occasions.  This process takes between 1 – 1 1/2 hours.

Rates:  Exam and consultation fee:  $125     Custom to cast orthotics:  $225 – $350

Shoe recommendations:  no charge

“I’d been having increasing pain in my left foot.  My toes were always hurting from rubbing up against my shoes.  My lower back was beginning to feel inflamed.  I didn’t know what to do.  Then I went to David.  He was like Sherlock Holmes picking up little tell tale signs from my shoes, my inserts, and my feet.  It was obvious to me and to him that I needed orthotics. If your feet hurt…visit David…you’ll be glad you did.”    Martin Rutte